Irideos with Commvault for cloud data protection and management

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A redundant architecture in data centers for managing and backing up data from physical and virtualized environments

There is also Commvault in the platforms for the management and protection of data of Irideos,an Italian ICT hub dedicated to companies and Public Administration. Irideos has in fact created in its data centers in Milan and Verona a redundant architecture, based on the latest generation Commvault Hyperscale platform, for the management and backup of data from physical and virtualized environments. Thanks to this infrastructure, Irideos can offer advanced data and information protection and management solutions,and help customers face the challenges related to ever-increasing volumes, multiple platforms and the need for high performance.

These solutions allow you to manage heterogeneous data, coming from different applications and operating systems, on physical and virtual infrastructures, on-premises and in the cloud,with high performance both for execution times and for the efficiency of the space used, thanks to the extremely performing deduplication capabilities.

They also allow you to easily and completely meet the requirements of data protection and compliance with the GDPR legislation, including the management of the right to be forgotten. “Digitaltransformation projects involve the migration and management of truly considerable amounts of data and the attention of companies for their protection and governance is increasingly supported”,explains Sandro Falleni, Director of Technologies and Systems at Irideos.

“Commvault is the high-performance and scalable solution that enables Irideos to respond in a comprehensive and modern way to the demand of customers who want to manage all their data environments in an advanced, secure and flexible way”. “Dataprotection and management represent a critical element for every organization,”adds Sergio Feliziani, Country Manager of Commvault Italia.

“Today, data is everywhere: in data centers, on endpoints, and across cloud platforms. The Commvault platform allows you to have a complete and unified view of them, wherever they are, simplifying their management and thus allowing you to leverage them to support your business.”