Red Hat, every CIO is, or should become, a Cloud Operator

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A recap on the Open Hybrid Cloud business strategy and the latest technological innovations made by Italian managers, taking into account the reference scenario. Activities and initiatives of the branch, increasingly trusted advisor for the Digital Transformation of customers together with the ecosystem of partners

As usual, the annual appointment with the managers of Red Hat Italy (and not only) serves to fix the fixed points of the company’s strategy and to tell the most recent technological innovations after the Red Hat Summitworld event, this year held at the end of April.

A moment of in-depth analysis opened by Gianni Anguilletti, VP Med Region, Red Hat,ready to celebrate 15 years inthe company, many of them at the head of the Italian branch that over the years has led to excellent results on the world scene.

Anguilletti immediately quotes the phrase pronounced by CEO Paul Cormier during the world event, which clearly illustrates both the company’s strategy and the leitmotif of the world event, “Every CIO is, or must become, a Cloud Operator”, meaning that every CIO does not having to become a cloud provider, but rather must find a way to make the most of this modern approach to using IT. in terms of performance, efficiency, security, scalability, agility, governance, all without any constraints from the infinite number of infrastructures achievable by combining multiple hardware systems, physical, virtual, public and private clouds to support the business initiatives of your company.

An innovative scenario was the one delinated precisely during the Summit in which the new technological announcements and the worldwide testimonies of customers of the caliber of Bosch, CityBank, Schlumberger and Wolksvagen are placed, to mention those who took the virtual stage of the event to tell how Red Hat has helped them improve competitive agility and operational efficiency.

A design in which Red Hat’s vision, presented with a certain foresight already a decade ago – defined as Red Hat Open Hybrid Cloud Vision – “in which hybrid and open cloud represents the most effective, and perhaps the only, architecture able to make IT the strategic enabler to support companies’ operations and business initiatives”, has been manifested in all its concreteness and value”. says Anguilletti. A strategy recommended by Red Hat to design and develop new applications and workloads, responding to three main characteristics – speed, scalability and stability – needed to support business and digital innovation initiatives.